Friday, March 19, 2010

That's kinda yucky

Bailey LOVES to take medicine. It doesn't matter what it is. The other day when she was playing outside, she ran into a tree branch and cut her eye. I gave her some tylenol (which she asked for by name). She doesn't take medicine very often but she loves it so much that she knows what it's called when she does need it. Well, I've noticed that since the weather is getting nicer she is starting to get stuffy. We've been playing outside a lot this week since Zach and I have been on spring break. Anyway, before bed last night I said, "Bailey, would you like some medicine for your nose before we go to bed?" (It was not tylenol it was Zyr.tec)
"Yes, pwease."
"Here you go."
"Thanks you mama"

Then, she started coughing and making a horrible face.
"This is tinda yucky" she said.
I couldn't help laughing. I wasn't laughing that she was choking on her medicine but the fact that she said that was completely hysterical to me.
This morning I gave her just a tiny bit more because she was still stuffy. She took it just fine, as usual. But then she said "This is the yucky one!" It was so cute! I just love her so much!


Kami said...

That is too cute! Poor baby girl. I hope she feels better soon.


Just Another Infertile Mother said...

She's so sweet. I can't wait to have a conversation with Maddy!

Suzanne said...

I had NO idea YOU had a blog! Thanks for sharing. I'll add you to my list. I love looking thru and catching up on your photos and stories. What a gift of a precious little girl.

sonja said...

too cute!! =)