Saturday, March 27, 2010

Little Things

Sometimes, the littlest things in life can mean so much. Here is my list of "Simple Pleasures."

1. Bailey has recently started referring to me ONLY as mommy instead of mama.

2. Showering alone (not that I don't enjoy every minute with her, but every time Bailey hears the shower running she RUNS upstairs to shower with me. Sometimes, it's nice to just have a relaxing shower alone).

3. Trying out new shampoo/conditioner, I almost NEVER buy the same things. I love to try new things. This week, I bought almond and shea butter and I LOVE it.

4. Saturday mornings!

5. Diet pepsi, I love opening a can of diet pepsi :)

6. The smell of my baby girl after a bath and lotion. MMMMM, who doesn't love baby smell?

7. The look on a student's face when I know that I have made a difference. I live for those moments when I am reminded why I do what I do.

8. Shaving my legs with shaving cream instead of soap.

9. Facebook, is awesome! I can't get enough of it, lol. It's my break from the world.

10. Waking up to a day when I don't stress about money.

*These are in no particular order but I'm sure you can guess the ones that are most important.*

Have a GREAT weekend!


Ashley said...

Love it!!! HOpe you have a great day!!

twondra said...

I love this and can relate to them. :) I also try different shampoo and conditioner every time and love it when I can shave with shaving cream instead of soap. :)