Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Most of you know I teach 8th Grade English. The reaction I get from this is one of two things. I either here, "OMG, how can you deal with horny 13 year olds all day long?" Or, "wow, that sounds fun." Obviously, most people think I'm crazy and give me the OMG statement. I love my job, I love my kids, I love their personalities, and I love that I have the opportunity in this horrible economy to have a good job. Let me give you a little insight into my day.

Today, I used the student bathroom between classes because it is closer to my classroom and I didn't have time to walk to the lounge. We have a very nice school so the bathroom isn't nasty like you might think. Anyway, I'm in the stall and a girl walks in (girl just happens to be one of my students which is weird because there are 1100 kids at this school an 9 English teachers). Anyway, I hear her talking to herself. Here is what she said. "Please don't let me be late, please don't let me be late, please poop, please come out. Come on, come on!"

Yeah, I had an "OMG, why do I do this" moment when I heard that! But I seriously almost laughed out loud!

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twondra said...

Oh wow! I started laughing when I read that! I can't imagine you being able to keep quiet!