Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reading Baby

I believe Zach and I have a genius baby. HAHA, I know everyone thinks that about their child. Bailey has learned how to "read." Ok, not REALLY, but she does know what books are for. Her favorite is "Goodnight Moon." She will sit with it for an hour. She'll go through the pages and "read" to herself. Granted, it's 10 month old language but it's still cute. We love her so much.

In other news... despite how much we love her, I would LOVE for her to go back to her own bed. We had a bit of an issue at our house which prevented her from sleeping in her room. It's taken care of now and I would REALLY like to get her back to her bed on her "sleeping-all-night" schedule but last night it was NOT happening! She's been back in bed with us for about 2 weeks! Oh dear! what have we gotten ourselves into?? :)

I'll try to post some pictures of my little~avid~reader soon.

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The Pifer's said...

Hey sweetie, I have something for you on my blog!!!!