Wednesday, January 4, 2012

quick update

I am miserable!  I am EXTREMELY grateful for this baby growing inside me!  I prayed for her and have wanted her for a long time!  I dreamed about her before I ever got pregnant.  So what I am about to say is not in complaint of having another baby.  But, I am completely miserable!  I had the easiest pregnancy with Bailey.  I was never sick (maybe 4 times total).  I was well rested, I slept well until the end, and I had no aches and pains.  However, when they did my epidural with Bailey they did some permanent damage to my back.  So, this time, things have not been easy.  Baby is really pressing on my sciatic nerve (sp) and I've started having some intense contractions and a lot of swelling.  So far, my sugar is under control.  But physically, I am BEAT!  I don't want Adilyn to come before Feb. 12!  That is when I am officially full term (or 37 weeks).  But, honestly, I don't know how I am going to manage this pain for the next 5 weeks!


The Anglin Family said...

It's almost over!!:-) sorry you're miserable though!!!!:(((

Molly said...

Go see a chiropractor, he will help you with the pain

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EmilyB said...

I was just going to suggest the chiropractor too. I love mine and it's the ONLY thing that helps me.