Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Bailey!

Here are just a few pictures from Bailey's birthday party.

I'm not sure why the walls in my kitchen look lime, they are NOT! They are green, but not lime!

New bicycle from papa and memaw

My mom bought Bailey and each of her friends, a tu tu.

She also got this princess cape and as soon as she put it on she said "Hocus Pocus." It was so cute! The next day, she wore it to the grocery store. Yes, I'm serious!

My friend, Rebecca, and her husband, brought Bailey this light-up wand. It was definitely the bigt hit item (she got her bike before the party b/c papa couldn't come to the party).

We had to sing twice because she had 2 sets of candles. I have decided that I like cupcakes because they are so much easier. Zach bought me a "big-top" cupcake maker for Christmas so I used it for the big cupcake. I filled it with a strawberry filling and it tasted SO much better than it looked. I am NOT a cake decorator.

#3 candle.
Every year her birthday gets harder for me. I am so happy to have her and I love her so much! This year was probably the hardest just because we had 2 deaths in the family last week and it just made me realize how important our time on Earth is. I'm also sad because I haven't been able to have another child and I am starting to feel like it might not happen.

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The Anglin Family said...

Happy Birthday Bailey!

Big Big (((HUGS))) and lots of special prayers for you:-)