Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No more need to FML (updated)

The dealership finally called me about 10:30 and said it is just a battery. So, now both cars are running for a whopping $150.00 plus a tank of gas, AND our state tax return came today! YEAH!

Yes, I know what that means and that it's COMPLETELY inapropriate! But, you will soon see how appropriate it is!

Yesterday, Zach called me about 9 and said his car broke down on the side of the road. About a month ago, this happened to us. So, he waited for his mom to get there and we were able to get the car towed back to our house using his mom and dad's service. Kind of like AAA but not. I was freaking out because I thought for sure it was the fuel pump this time. My dad just changed the filter and it was an ALL day job. So, the only other reason for what the car was doing, was the pump. Labor and all that's between 600-1000 dollar fix. YIKES!

Then, about 2:30 I went out to my car (which we just bought last summer and it's fairly new) and the teacher parked in front of me was leaving and she said "Your car is making a weird noise like it's on." That's odd since I had the keys in my hand. But, the automatic lock/unlock wouldn't unlock the doors so I knew something was up.

Long story short, b/c I really don't need to explain to you what all the car was doing (none of you are mechanics, lol) I wound up having to call On-Star and having the NEW car towed to the dealership, where it sits this morning. I'm scared to see what it is. We have a warranty policy but you know how those places are, they cover what they feel like, when they feel like.

So, I should know by 10, how much this will cost.

Good news: Zach's car was out of gas. The gauge is messed up. We put gas in it and it started right up. THANK GOD and I mean that, seriously!

Updates to come...

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Glad everything worked out!!