Thursday, July 22, 2010

Adding to our family Update:

I went to the OB this afternoon to take a pregnancy test. I'm technically not supposed to start my cycle until tomorrow but you all know how that goes! None of us that struggle to get pregnant EVER have normal cycles. So, I got to the doctors office and started spotting. It's ok because on the way, I prayed that whatever happened, I would have peace about it. As soon as I went into the bathroom to pee in the cup, I knew I wasn't pregnant. I was ok. Partially because Bailey was with me and she was VERY distracting b/c she was terrified of the elevator and then terrified when she realized where we were b/c she HATES Dr's offices.

Anyway, I'm not pregnant but I did get some good news. (Well I guess it's good). I am scheduled for a Folli scan on Aug. 4. I'm REALLY nervous. I've NEVER had a folli scan before and they are going to check for cysts too. Please, please, please pray that everything goes well. I know a good folli scan doesn't guarantee a pregnancy but I'd much rather see good follies than hear that I have a blocked tube. I also was given clomid that (as you all know) I start on days 5-9 of my cycle. I'm REALLY feeling optimistic about this cycle. Please say a prayer for us!

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Brooke said...

What is entailed in the Folli scan? I had a hystoscopy where they made 3 incisions laproscopiclly and looked at my tubes/uterus and injected dye in them to see if they were blocked and also lasered off the endo. that I had. Is that what you are having done? FB msg me.