Monday, May 18, 2009

A new day... Sunshine

OK, I realize my last post seemed a bit suicidal. That was NOT my intention. However, I do so appreciate your sweet comments. And believe me, I have tried EVERYTHING to get Bailey out of our bed. But, I think daddy needs a little weaning as well :). I am sure all 3 of us will go through some separation anxiety when she goes to her own bed for good. But I did have a talk with DH on Saturday and I feel better. Even just talking about how I was feeling makes things so much better. It was "hellish" trying to get my feelings out but once I did I felt better. So, on to more important things.

We accomplished much this weekend! Bailey "helped" (I have 5 pictures but for some reason when I'm at work things are funny on here and I can only get 2 of them to load).

We planted Marigolds around the mailbox (I'll have to post a picture later) and we planted lillies right in front of where Bailey is sitting in the above pictures. She was literally covered HEAD TO TOE in mud and had to be showered before she could get a bath. I'm not a huge fan of messes but I would MUCH rather her be an outside kid than an indoor kid so I will gladly wipe mud (plus I think it helps Zach feel like she is a bit of a tomboy, haha). Oh, and by the way, those cute white sandals she has on... MUDDY! So, I ran them through the dishwasher! Yep, you read right, the dishwasher and they are almost good as new... a mom's gotta do, what a mom's gotta do! :)

Yesterday, Zach fixed our front door so that it will close AND lock! Our house was built in 1954 (give or take a couple years). Zach and I have argued over it because the courthouse has one date and our realtor had another date. Either way, our house is old. It's darling, but old. So, it has some "issues" but we are doing our best to fix it up. We also painted around our windows that desperately needed painting. 3 years ago in March, we had new windows put in but because our house is so old they had to use wood to get the new windows to fit so here are before and after pictures of the windows. I really feel like we have a whole new house. It's amazing what a gallon of paint will do!


AFTER We are working on painting our white picket fence as well. Half of it is finished. I know, how cute that people still have picket fences, huh? LOL. Anyway, I will post pictures of all of it as soon as it is finished.

For Father's Day I got Zach some new landscaping lights (he LOVES landscaping lights). He was so funny Saturday night after putting them out. He wanted us all to get in the car and drive around the house to look at them. It was fine with me. I enjoy night drives and it is especially nice when Bailey falls asleep in the car (oh and before you ask, I TRIED very carefully and hard to put her in her own bed when we got home but she is smarter than me and was NOT having it). Zach also painted our mailbox yesterday. The house is really starting to look better. I feel like we are less "Ghetto." And I LOVE that! :) Thanks again for all of your sweet comments. I love you all so much.

And, last but most certainly NOT least... I wanted to ask all of you to stop by Tiffany's blog and grab a bracelet or key chain! Please read her story. This post is already so long so I don't want to go into a ton of detail or take away from her but she and her husband, Zach have been trying to have a baby for many years and are now going to be going to a fertility clinic. Her two GREAT friends have set up this fundraiser for her. The bracelets are too cute and you would be supporting a great cause! I'd like one in every color :). Tiff deserves to be a mom and I am hoping and praying for a blessing for them very soon.


Ashley said...

Those pics of Bailey are SOOO cute;) Glad to see you are in better spirits!! ((HUGS))

Ashley said...

I'm doing pretty good. No more spotting...everytime I go to the bathroom I hold my breath!! I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow!!! Thanks for all the support!!