Friday, May 29, 2009

The last one!

So, today was the last day of school and in case you think you read that wrong I am going to write it again.

T O D A Y W A S T H E L A S T D A Y O F S C H O O L!!!!!!!!!

Now, I'm not trying to be overly excited or anything but I'm not gonna lie. I am PUMPED! However, it is short lived because summer school starts on Monday. However, it's extra money and I only work 8-12 so I'm pretty sure it's manageable. I had like 5 things to post about but the only one I can really remember is this...

TODAY ALONE, I found out that THREE of my friends are pregnant! Please pray that their pregnancies go well and that they all deliver healthy babies!

Now, I want some of that baby water!!!

OH WAIT! I do remember :)

I wanted to show these pictures of Bailey in her new frog pool! :)


Ashley said...

YAY!! YAYYYYYYYY!!!! IT was our last day too!! I"m soooo excited;) LOVE those pictures of Bailey and that pool...sooooo cute!!! YAY for summer!!

The Pifer's said...

Can I have some of that water to?!?!

Bailey is so adorable!!! :)

Just Another Infertile said...

I'm am so jealous!!! Two weeks (count em) two weeks to go. Oh well, hopefully I won't have to go back until next January.

Bailey is so cute in her frog pool. I might have to get one of those someday.

Brooke said...

I almost bought Landon a pool like that! Did you get it at Wal-Mart? YAY, for short summer school days!!

Mimi said...

That is the sweetest thing ever love!!!! She is so cute in her little pool. She looks like she is having a blast!


Brooke said...

As much as I hate to put him in front of the TV, he does watch Disney in the morning, and I can do whatever I want, but during the day he doesn't sit still long enough to watch. But we are working on the anxiety thing. I am working so much now that I think it will just fade in time!

I might go buy him that pool this week! My parents have a BIG pool, but I do not go over there enough.

Jessica said...

How is summer school going??