Saturday, May 16, 2009

9 more days

Well, there are only 9 more days of school. Honestly, it feels like 39. I don't know why but this school year is DRAGGING on. I have been under a LOT of hidden stress lately and I'm not good at keeping it under the radar. I was in charge of the awards assembly at our school. We have over 1200 students! It was a lot of fun but it was A HUGE stress to me. However, when it was over, Tuesday night, I felt GREAT! I was so glad it was over and so happy that I had pulled it off. I had help! Don't get me wrong, I could not have done it without the people on my "committee" but it was a lot more work than I had anticipated. About 300 of our 1200 students received awards and we had a great turn out.

The end of the school year is so busy and I've noticed that Zach and I have less, and less, and less time together. I'm very angry about it. I know that sounds silly but it's not like I have even 5 friends that I can go out with and do things so he's really all I have unless I'm at work. We love spending time with Bailey but she sleeps with us. So, even at night when we go to bed we don't get to talk or cuddle or anything. I honestly feel like I'm about to have a breakdown. Physically I feel completely overwhelmed. I don't feel like my existence matters though I know that's not true. Don't you ever have that "I want someone to love me" feeling? I just want school to be out so that I will have ONE thing off my plate.

Oh, then in June summer school starts and it honestly terrifies me to teach 1st graders. I know, how silly. SO, we'll see how that goes.


Ashley said...

Oh Mel, I'm sorry that you feel that way!! We have 9 days left too and I'm SOO ready!! Have you tried to put Bailey in her own bed so that you and Zach can have cuddle time?? At least after she falls asleep? I wish I lived by you so we could go do something together!! Always remember that you are important and you do make a huge difference in LOTS of peoples lives!! ((HUGS))

Mimi said...

That's it! We HAVE to get together!!! As many women that wants to. We should get a cabin and have a three or four day weekend!!! How much fun would that be!!?!!

I think you should figure out a way to put B in her own bed. Your bedroom should be your getaway! Not to mention, it will only get worse as she gets older. We almost had a bad time with the girls because we were letting them sleep in our room. I'm glad we stopped that before it got too bad. They took to their room in less than a week. I'm just saying this because you do need alone time with your hubby!! Good luck sweetie and YAY on 9 more days!


Just Another Infertile said...

You lucky duck! Only 9 more days. . . I have four weeks!

Good luck with those crazy first graders.:) If you need any advice let me know, they are my speciality. I'm sorry you have to teach summer school. I'm sure you'll enjoy the extra pocket change though.

Brooke said...

I understand the not getting anytime with our husbands. I am there too. Landon is out of our room, but we still don't talk or cuddle all that much. We are just too tired. Not good...I get so frustrated, but not too sure how to deal with it at this point. I just don't feel appreciated, and I feel overlooked. I hope things get better!!