Thursday, April 9, 2009


OK, my Goliath baby is 32 pounds and 33 inches! She is above 95th Percentile in BOTH categories! I have always heard that if you double your height at the age of 2 that is approximately how tall you will be as an adult! So, Bailey is pushing 6 feet already! Dr. P said she is fine but he doesn't want her to gain any more weight between this appointment and her July appointment. I am glad he said that b/c grandma seems to think we don't feed her enough. HELLO! She's HUGE! She's as cute as anyone I've ever seen though!

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Penny1215 said...

What a big girl. My little girl is a teeny baby. She will be a year old in a week and she is only 18lbs and 2oz. She is on the whole other end of the growth charts. My boys were always in the 90 percentiles. My Avianna however is only in the 10th percentile for her weight and the 75th for her height. Oh well, I'm only 5'4 and I was always a skinny minny before I had kiddos. Oh how I wish for those days again. Not for the no kiddos only for the no kiddo body!!