Monday, July 21, 2008

One of my worst nightmares!

I HATE mice! The other morning I heard a noise in the kitchen. I went in there and there were little beaty eyes in the dog food box looking up at me. AAHH! I HATE mice (I know I already said that). Anyway, we spent the weekend at Zach's moms so I forgot to get traps. Last night, I was making a bottle and a mouse ran across the floor!!!!!!!!! OMG! I WILL NOT live with a mouse. Bailey was in a bad mood and she was refusing to go to bed so I had to beg Zach to stay with her while I went to get mouse-traps. Luckily, this morning I had mouse brains on the kitchen floor but at least it's dead! I have enough bills, I don't need to feed the mouse with the dog food! ICK! Anyway, I'm going to market myself as a mousie exterminator! HAHA.

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Jessica said...

OMG! I hate mice too! I would have been on the kitchen table!