Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!

About 8:45 last night, I gave Bailey her (now I know this sounds gross but she LOVES it) green beans and rice cereal. Then I made her a bottle and by 9 she was asleep. As I was walking down the hall I decided she could go to her own bed. I think because it was an initial thought and I didn't have time to really think about it, it wasn't hard for me. So, I put her in her OWN bed. Mind you this is the FIRST time she's ever slept in her own bed at night. She ALWAYS sleeps in her playpen in our room or right between us! About 10 I went to bed and was fine. I had a hard time going to sleep but I'm pretty sure it was because of the coffee and Krispy Kreme's and NOT because I was upset about my baby. I did, however, have to check on her about 20 times before I went to bed. Anyway, Zach came to bed and was NOT sleeping. The baby monitor was up TOO loud (even for him) and we could hear EVERY noise she made. Zach can't sleep if she's not in our room. About 12:20 she woke up. I thought, OH GREAT. I really wanted her to sleep better since she was in her out room and out of the "snoring path." Zach jumped up to "rescue" her. It's cute how much he loves her. He put her pacifier in and she went right back to sleep. At 1:20 she woke up again and he asked me to PLEASE bring her in our room so I did. But still! I let her sleep in her own room and plan to have her in there ALL night before I go back to school!

In Other News...
Tomorrow is mine and Zach's 3rd anniversary. Both grandma's have been BEGGING to let Bailey stay with them while we go out. Of course they want her to stay all night but we really can't afford to spend the night somewhere. SO... we are going to dinner at Sho Gun and Zach's mom is going to keep her (sorry mom!!!!) Someday, I will have another baby and will be HAPPY for Bailey to spend the night away (I think). I'm surprised Zach and I have been married 3 years already. Sometimes it feels like longer but since Bailey is 6 months old it kind of puts things into perspective for me. I felt like we tried FOREVER for a baby but I was pregnant before our 2nd anniversary so it doesn't feel so long when I think about it that way. Anyway, not much more is going on. Bailey just finished her Papaya fruit and oatmeal and is now sitting her watching Dora. I shouldn't admit this, but she loves TV just like her mother!!

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