Sunday, July 6, 2008

Family time and Bailey's half birthday

I CANNOT believe Bailey is 6 months old today! It seems like we just brought our little tiny infant home! She has grown SO much since then.

This week she has seen her fair share of grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Zach's dad and step-mom are here from Texas. Bailey takes to everyone and has had a great time with them. She LOVES her aunt Maddi.

Yesterday, my parents came over from Arkansas with my sisters, Sheri and Monica. We also saw Zach's mom and step-dad. I am not very good at taking pictures of her with everyone but at least we have this one of Bailey and Maddi. Bailey also spent some time with Nanny Bert and Zach's aunt. Too bad we can't find anyone who loves our baby :)

Friday night, we had fireworks at OUR house. We had to buy a $20.00 permit from the city but it was fun. The first firework Zach lit had Bailey laughing her head off! About 9:30 she had to go in for a bath. She can only take so much fun in one day and was starting to get "cranky" tired. Last night we went to Zach's mom's house and did fireworks out there. Bailey was overloaded with family (which she LOVES). Any time she can get someone to hold her is a GOOD time for her. Basically her schedule has been off ALL week and she's not been sleeping well at night. But, it's been fun and I'm thankful I still have a month to try to get her out of our bed!!!! For all you "soon to be" mommies. Don't EVER sleep with your baby! They will never want to leave. Bailey has the cutest bedroom but she only naps there. Anyway, that's all for now.

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