Thursday, July 7, 2011

6 weeks 2 days

Today I am six weeks and 2 days pregnant... I think. HA!
I have NO symptoms AT ALL! I guess I am hungry pretty often and pretty tired but other than that I feel NOTHING. I worry a little No, I worry A LOT! that something has happened to the baby. I know it's crazy to think that way when God has given us this little blessing. I just keep going back to the letter I received from my grandparents back in February when my grandpa said "by this time next year, you will have another baby." My first Beta at 5 weeks 1 day came back at 691. My 2nd beta at 5 weeks 3 days came back at 1800. So, my HcG is great. (or was a week ago). My progesterone was only 8.9 and needed to be 15. I cried and cried. They put me on a progesterone pill and I have felt great ever since I've been on it. I go to the doctor on July 20th and 8 weeks 1 day and I CANNOT wait for that day to get here! Please pray for a healthy baby! I don't know why I'm so nervous.


The Anglin Family said...

You have my prayers!

Just Another Mother said...

First of all....Congratulations!!!! So happy for you! The first trimester was my least favorite. Not because of symptoms but because of lack of them. It was hard to feel pregnant sometimes. Tour betas are great and that's important. Enjoy! Thinking of you!

Ashley said...

Im so happy for you!!!