Thursday, February 3, 2011

Record breaking

Snowfall, that is. These pictures do no justice to the amount of snow that fell on us Tuesday. The first 2 pictures I took through the screen door (mostly because I can't get the screen door open). You can see the top of Bailey's big wheel trike sticking out of the snow. You can also see that the snow goes HALF WAY up our privacy fence. We have 4 ft drifts of snow in our backyard. The snowfall total for our city was 21 inches, NOT including drifts. This was quite the storm. So, we're on a mini-vacation from work. It kind of stinks b/c we are going to have to be in school until June now! Zach wants to try to get out and shovel the driveway today but honestly, we don't have anywhere we need to go. Bailey only wears pull-ups to bed and she's almost out. We have 4 left but if she doesn't wet during nap time I re-use the nap one for bed time (you gotta do what you gotta do). Luckily, I went to the grocery store on Sunday and got everything we needed.

I started my clomid again today. UGH! Something I totally didn't want to have to do. But, I really feel better about all of this. I know that God has a plan and it is not my plan. I don't know that I will get pregnant this cycle, but I do know that someday, we will add to our family. I hope all of you are staying warm!


The Anglin Family said...

The snow is really pretty. It hasnt done anything but flurried here the last few days. But it is COLD!!!!
I know you are on an emotional roller coaster. I am praying and thinking about you always!!

Jessica said...

Yes! Milk is a must have! Glad you are cozy at home. : )

twondra said...

We were lucky that the storm just missed us. :)

Glad you made it through the storm well! Looks like soooo much!

I'm praying this is your cycle!