Thursday, February 17, 2011


Bailey has been telling "fibs" lately. It's kind of funny but at the same time, we are trying to teach her that it's not nice to say things that aren't true when they are not nice. Sometimes, she makes up stories about herself being a princess and all the things that she did that day. That type of stuff is fine. I'm struggling with how to teach her the difference between pretending, and lying. Last night, she dramatically fell to the floor and said "Daddy kicked me down." Um, really? I was standing right there and he did not and would not EVER do that to her! She often tells us that memaw hit her or pushed her down. That's about as true as I am green! I mean, it's funny the stuff she makes up, but it's really bad if she ever said this and someone heard her and turned us in to DHS. Anyone who knows her IRL knows that she is OVERLY dramatic! But people who don't know her might think that she is telling the truth.

Last night she even said (which was not an example of lying but it's funny so I'm sharing ;)
"Daddy, I found this dress in my closet and it is purple, and I like purple but purple is not my color!" She said this hand on hip and all. I was CRACKING up! DRAMATIC! That's what I should have named her!

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The Anglin Family said...

Laiken is not a storyteller but Cade is. He has said I hit him before to his daddy or viceversa. I have no advice..he has gotten better though. Ive told him Jesus doesn't like it when we lie and that seemed to influence him not to, although occasionally he still does.
How are you doing? I prayed for you this morning!