Saturday, June 27, 2009

Look what I got...

Now that Summer school is over, I used some of the money I made to get a pedicure! I realize this is not the most attractive picture of my feet. But, you get the idea. They are really cute and I'm SO excited to have them done. Zach will tell you I don't ever spend money unless I have to (or rarely) so this was a big treat for me.

The Vietnamese woman I went to asked, "Do you want flowa" I said, "How much?" She said, "Fi dolla." I said, "No thank you." She said, "for you, I do 2 flowas for 2 dolla, OK?" So, I agreed to 2 flowers for 2 dollars instead of one flower for 5 dollars. I LOVE the Vietnamese place because even though it is a little hard to understand them, they always do a GREAT job! And she did this ALL by hand! She didn't use the spray brush or anything.

When I got back, Bailey wanted a "sower" (she can't quite pronounce the F sound yet) but this was the best I could do, and she was happy with it. :)
After I finished my Pedi (which also included massage, AND sea-salt scrub, AND cool foot wrap) I went to CATO to see if I could find a new purse and some new tank tops. 5 straight days of over 100 degrees takes a toll on us! And, look what I found...

The bag on the right is my new purse (I have been using my old one for AT LEAST 2 years now. I think I was pregnant with B when I got it).
And, the bag on the left, was on CLEARANCE and I thought it would just make the most adorable new diaper bag. :) Both bags together were only 21 dollars! My mom is going to sew some elastic into Baileys new bag because since it's not actually a diaper bag it doesn't have any place for a sippy cup and I would like to have one. I also did find a few cute tanks and a new skirt ALL for less than 50 dollars!

(skirt not pictured) :)

This morning, Bailey and I got up and went to wal-mart to get these:

So that we can TAME THIS:

Bailey's closet number one

Bailey's Dresser

Bailey's Armoire drawers

And, finally, Bailey's Armoire (closet number 2)

I know, it's BAD! I need to really get in there and organize. We don't want to throw any of it away because we would like another baby someday and they grow SO fast that it's almost impossible to keep only the clothes she can currently wear, in her drawers.

I'll post my CLEAN pictures later. I hope to have this finished today!
One last thing, Zach and I are moving (I HOPE). We are in the process of selling our very small house and building a new one. We are going to have to live with his mom and dad for a while while ours is being built. Also, because we need to get some student loan and credit card debt paid off. Please pray for us. We are REALLY excited to have a new home where our kids can grow up but the whole process is really stressful for me because I always worry about what if we cant afford the new house. I believe we are making the right decision and I really think this will work out. Here is a picture of the house we are hoping to build.


Ashley said...

Where do I start;) IT's so awesome to get a relaxing. I need one so bad. Mel...Bailey has 3 times more clothes than I do;) I love the house plans. That is so exciting!! Glad your summer is going good!! ((HUGS))

Brooke said...

Congrats on the house!!! I am sure everything will work out! Where are you planning on building?(you can e-mail me the details if you want me to know..hehe)! SUPER CUTE BAGS! I am sooo jealous. I've only been in Cato once but that was a long time ago.

Just Another Infertile said...

Wow! First of all congrats on building a new house! That is quite an endevour (did I spell that right?).

Yay for pedicures! I got one last week before my shower. It was great. I want to get a massage in August. I always get a bunch of gift cards from my class but for some reason I have a hard time spending them. Once you get used to it, it's easy to spoil yourself. You are a busy working mom and you deserve it.

Bailey is a well dressed little girl! I got sooo many outfits at my showers. I won't have to buy clothes for awhile. Good luck witht he organizing.

Jessica said...

Good luck with selling and building! Building can be a wonderful experience if you just roll with the punches! : ) We really enjoyed it. I hope all is going well! : )