Thursday, December 4, 2008

Picky Eaters

Though, I love my husband, he is quite the picky eater! We are currently dealing with sore throats and "green snot" so he asked for soup last night. I really like to cook and I tend to try to change things up a bit when I make things so that we don't feel like we eat the same foods all the time (although we do and I can't really help it). So, here is what I did and it was GREAT! You should try it!

First, I used my Vidalia onion chopper (which I bought BC {that means before child} when we had money). I bought it because I thought it was "cool." I never use it! After I peeled the potatoes, I cut them in half and chopped them in the onion chopper so it made potato "sticks" instead of cubes. This was my first great thing! They cooked faster and everything was more evenly distributed. Then, I put in about half the pot full of water, one can of chicken stock, one can of campbell's cheddar cheese, about a 1/4 cup of velveeta and the rest was milk (so that I could monitor the "soupiness" (is that a word)? Then I cubed 2 ham steaks. VERY YUMMY! So, yes, I am proud of myself for this one!

In other news... and since the post is titled "Picky Eaters" I will move on to discuss Bailey's current pickiness! She used to eat just about anything I put in front of her (even non-food items)... toys, dog food one day, lint, button to her halloween costume... etc. Lately, I can't get her to eat ANYTHING tomato based. She won't eat ravioli, spaghetti, baby food with tomatoes, or basically anything red. What is wrong with my "almost perfect" child? Oh well... as long as she will still eat green beans, I guess it's ok. However, she's also decided if she doesn't want to eat something she will spit it back at me and then laugh. Isn't that just precious (note the sarcasm). If she could live off of vanilla wafers, she would be one HAPPY girl! Too bad that is not a food group, huh?

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Ashley said...

I thought you were a teacher...what grade do you teach? I teach pre-k. THis is my first year teaching pre-k. I taught 2nd grade for 5 years. Hope you have a great weekend!