Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Day In The Life...

I don't know how many people actually read my blog, but if you are one of them, thank you for listening to me!!!!

Ok, here is the scoop, it's LONG and not very "uplifting" so to speak. After my grandpa died on Dec. 10, it has just been a whirlwind of not-so-good news. Christmas Eve we were in Arkansas visiting my parents and had to take Bailey to the ER. There is no after-hours clinic in their town so we didn't really have another option. So, at 6 AM we were visiting the ER. She had been really congested and had diarrhea for 12 days at that point. Yes, we took her to her doctor a few days before but he didn't do anything so when she was continuing to get worse we went to the ER. Come to find out, she needed antibiotics and is now fine (whew).

Christmas Eve night, we had JUST walked in the door and my sister called to say that my grandpa (my only living grandparent) had been in a car accident. He was taken by helicopter to a hospital here in Tulsa even though he lives in Arkansas (his girlfriend lives here ;) and he was on his way hom from visitin her. Anyway, come to find out, he had a broken ankle, foot, back, neck, sternum, and nose. He is now doing very well. I honestly believe God healed his body because as he is still in the hospital his ONLY injury is a broken ankle! He DID have a broken neck and the doctor doesn't know why he doesn't now! So, I am happy about that but the incident did add a little extra stress to my already somewhat sad holiday.

Saturday night, Zach's mom called to say she was being admitted into the hospital because of chest pains. Come to find out, she had a 95% blockage in one of her main arteries and they had to go in and fix it. She has another blockage that will have to be fixed in a few weeks. No one can or will EVER replace my own mother but Zach's mom is one of the most important, special people in my life and I don't know what we'd do without her. Needless to say, Zach was quite worried about her as well and now she is on some medications to prevent it from happening again but it has DEFINITELY got all of us thinking about losing those (in my case 50 extra pounds)!! For now, she is doing a lot better and says she can breath better and feels better too. I'm very glad!!

Today... remember that ER visit I told you about on Christmas eve? Well, today, Bailey's nurse from her pediatrician's office called and said that the ER called them and said that according to the chest x-ray they did, her heart is in the WRONG place! WHAT? Are you kidding me? So, here we go again trying to now figure out what is wrong with our baby girl! Thank God, about an hour later the ER sent another report to Bailey's doctor saying that they had MIS-PRINTED the x-ray! Ok, maybe mis-printed isn't the correct word, but either way it was THEIR mistake and there is NOTHING wrong with our baby! However, before finding this out, Zach and I nearly had a heart attack thinking something was wrong with our baby who will be one on Tuesday (by the way :)

Tomorrow morning I have to see the orthopedic spinal surgeon about my back. I am in excrutiating pain about 75% of the time and as much as I try to ignore it, it's really starting to effect my daily life (I'm an English teacher and I still have a hard time with effect/affect, please forgive me :) ). So, hopefully he doesn't say surgery but if he does, we will pray that the money comes. I have to do something I can't stand long enough to take a shower without wanting to cry and I've pushed through it as long as I can. After labor I kind of turned into what I thought was "super~woman" After natural labor I thought I could handle anything and I stopped having sympathy for people who couldn't. So, though I do still think I have a decent pain tolerance, I am starting to have my sympathy back and I DON'T think I'm super mama anymore! Please pray that all goes well!!!

At this point I am praising God that everyone is ok and we are all doing well. We are starting to get to the point where we don't want to answer our phones because we are afraid it will be bad news!

Here are some Christmas pictures and a side note to my friend Tiffany and her husband Zach, I pray that your baby will come soon! I read a post from someone else that said the longer you wait, the more you appreciate your little one. Sometimes, I think God didn't make me wait long enough and I feel un-worthy of being a mommy when I get frustrated at little B. I know it's normal to feel that way and to get frustrated and even though I love her more than myself or ANYTHING else, I sometimes wish I were a better mommy. Tiffany, you are going to make an AWESOME mom and I can't wait to hear some good news from you. As I've said 100 times before, God doesn't give you the desire to want something so badly and then deny you of it! Keep your chin up, you are such a role-model for me!

CHRISTMAS MORNING AT THE ESTES' (The first 2 are a few days after Christmas)


The Pifer's said...

1st off let me just say I am SO sorry you have had so much going on in your life these past couple weeks. You have been through more than one person should in a whole year. I am glad to know that everyone is ok, but I can only imagine how scared you and you husband have been throughout it all. God is amazing and he heals, I truly believe that, so it doesn't suprise me that your grandpa "did" have a broken neck, but doesn't know...God is awesome!

2nd- I LOVE the pics of B, she is so stinkin' cute!!!!!! I hope despite all the bad stuff ya'll have had happen, I hope you still had a good Christmas, and ENJOY your last few days off before you have to go back to work, I hope your back starts to feel better. I have scolleeoious (soo not how you spell it, not sure how????) but anyways it's very little, but when the weather changes BOY does my back hurt! So if yours is hurting all the time I don't know how you get through your day!

And last but def. not least, that you SOOOO much for the prayers and for being there for me and Zach. You are amazing, and I am truly blessed to have gotten to know you. It's amazing how God brought us together, and how close we have become. I don't care what you say, I know you are an awesome mommy...just because you had your baby sooner than I or other women doesn't make your love for that baby any less than what we will have for ours...God works wonders and I know that Zach and I will have our blessing soon!!!! I can't wait till the day I can tell you the good news!!!!! I love ya girl! Thanks for everything, your amazing!!!!

Hope you have a HAPPPPYYYYYY NEEEWWWWWW YEEEAAAARRRRRR....2009 will be the BEST year yet!!! :o)

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness!! You have been through A LOT the last few weeks!! I will be praying that everything returns to normal!!
Love the Christmas pics

Mimi said...

Oh my goodness. I am so sorry for all the chaos. I am so glad that everyone is doing much better. Good luck with your appointment. I hope they can do something besides durgery for you. If you do have to have surgery. I will pray for a swift recovery. You baby girl is beautiful.