Monday, October 8, 2012

All about Adilyn Cate

My baby is getting so big!  I haven't blogged in forever because I just don't see the need since I have facebook.  But, maybe one or two people who read this haven't seen my facebook. :)  Adilyn will be 8 months old on the 16th.  She sits up very well on her own, she says dada and mama ALL DAY LONG.  Just Sunday night she started sleeping better.  She had been waking up 3 times per night!  She weighs about 23 pounds and wears 9 month clothes. But, her thighs are HUGE!  She needs a 12-18 month in pants b/c her legs are so chunky.  She LOVES her walker and she absolutely ADORES her sister!  Bailey is definitely her favorite person (next to mama).  When Bailey gets home from school, Adilyn is so so excited to see her.  We had some pictures taken as a few weeks ago and they turned out SO cute!

 And, I know this is titled All about Adilyn Cate, but my big girl started school in August and I just love how much she is learning and all the funny things she tells us!  I LOVE my girls!


Rachel said...

I'm still reading :)

The Anglin Family said...

Getting too big too fast<3 I miss you sweet friend!