Monday, February 6, 2012

I lost it

So, I wasn't going to post this b/c it's gross.  But, this is my blog so that's ok.  I had "bloody show" yesterday.  I assume you mamas know what that is.  If not, you can look it up :).  It lasted several hours and I thought it was over.  But, just now I lost more mucous plug.  So, the on-call doctor says this means my cervix is getting soft.  They told me to stay home unless my water breaks or if I have consistant contractions every 3-5 minutes for over an hour.  We live really close to the hospital so that's good!  I'm only 36 weeks 1 day so she would be considered a preemie if she were born before Sunday.  But, I think if she comes on her own, she is probably going to be fine.  So, I sit here, playing the waiting game!

Also, please pray for Bailey.  She has a UTI (I think) and she has to get 3 shots.  I am taking her to the doctor tomorrow after work and I'm just devastated about it.  I asked them to call tonight if anyone cancels b/c I want to get this done before I have this baby!

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EmilyB said...

WOW!!!! How exciting that you are THIS close to meeting your new little girl! GOOD LUCK!! And I hope Bailey gets better fast.