Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So, the other day (actually on Valentine's evening) Zach and I let Bailey spend the night with Memaw (but not for romantic reasons). Zach's mom had to go to the doctor the next morning and said it would be easier if Bailey was already at her house instead of driving all the way to our house to get her and then all the way back to the doctor. So, Zach and I sat around not knowing what to do... Yes, I am aware how sad that sounds but now that we have her we never do things alone and so we sat on the couch until we decided to go to dinner (I am making this story WAY longer than it needs to be, ha). Anyway, I was standing in the utility room getting ready to leave when he mentioned (nicely) that I needed a better bra. He was, of course, right! Honestly, I NEVER buy stuff for myself because I feel guilty about even spending 3.99 on a breakfast burrito meal at McDonalds since I always feel like we never have money. But, truth be told, I was still wearing my nursing bras and I haven't nursed in OVER 2 years!

As luck would have it, Zach's dad just so happened to send me 100 dollars for my birthday (which was just a few days before). He had never done that before so I was shocked and EXTREMELY pleased. Now, my mom won't give me money for my birthday because she knows I will spend it on Bailey. So she just took me shopping instead. But, I was SO good and I actually used 90 dollars to buy things for myself! One of the things, was of course, the white bra that little B is wearing in the post below. I actually bought the bra as kind of a joke and planned to take it back. It's a push-up bra with A LOT of padding! NO, I do not have breasts even CLOSE to the size of that bra!

So, I bought the bra and many other outfits at my new favorite store fashion.bug and took them home. I get home before DH so I put the bra on and literally started laughing at my "instant boob job." I got dressed and started making dinner. When he got home he didn't say anything for a few minutes and then, he turned around, sat down on the chair and said "Honey, your boobs look huge today!" I started cracking up! (He is going to be so mad at me for telling you this but hey, they're my boobs and if I want to talk about them, I can).

Needless to say, Bailey grabbed the bra after I took it off. She started prancing around the house saying "Wook at my new boobies, Baidey got new boobies." So I HAD to take a picture! I guess she was getting me back for not using the money on her! However, you have NO idea how it feels to get up in the morning and not wear the same 4 outfits OVER and over! Now, when I get up I don't have to plan what I want to wear the night before because I have so much more to choose from. I also got several pieces of jewelry on clearance for 1.98! I should take some picture but really, who wants to see pictures of my new clothes except me:)?


Penny1215 said...

That is absolutely hilarious!! Loooove it!!!

sonja said...

haha that picture is hysterical!

twondra said...

That is soooo funny! I'm glad you spent some money on yourself!!

Just Another Infertile Mother said...

I'm glad you spent some money on yourself! You deserve it. Sounds like that bra is a keeper and you shouldn't return it.

That picture was hilarious! She just gets cuter and cuter.