Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fit for a Princess...

I painted Bailey's new room (ALL BY MYSELF) I might add! I actually kind of enjoyed doing it! I'm REALLY pleased with the way the color turned out. It's called "Haystack Yellow." I got it at Home Depot. It's the Gliden brand/semi gloss (I'm actually typing this in case I lose the sticker and need more, lol). Anyway, I absolutely LOVE her room. It only took one coat of paint and an hour! I'm so excited about how it turned out. And the best part is... She is asleep in her OWN bed tonight (That's right Lillie, I did it!!!!)

We are getting moved in to our new house and we LOVE it. I must admit that I am praying for peace as I know we will have to make a mortgage payment on it starting in February. I know we can do this I just pray we are smart with our money. I promise to post pictures of some of the rest of the house soon. (NO, I cannot come over and paint any of your rooms. I still have 2 bathrooms and a kitchen to paint in mine) :). But, I leave you with pictures of Bailey's new room. The framed "Cinderella" pictures I have had since I was a teenager. I hoped to one day have a daughter to give them too. So, this was a very special moment for me and when Zach finished hanging everything, I must admit to being a little emotional! Enjoy! and Merry Christmas!