Sunday, December 6, 2009

23 months

*(This post was started on Sunday so I'm a few days late getting it up.)

My baby is 23 months old today, I can't believe how time has flown! She is SO busy and into EVERYTHING! Sometimes, I think "God, why is this so hard? Am I really cut-out to be a parent?" Last night, after 2 hours of screaming, crying, and refusal to go to bed I just sat there crying. I try to hard to be a good mommy and to give her everything she needs but she has definitely hit the terrible two's and as her parents, we have got to be patient to correct her behavior. I sound like she's so horrible! She's NOT! We love her more than life! She is just a very, very strong willed little princess. She reminds me of the song "I know what I want and I want it now!" I am extremely happy that we will be moving into our new house NEXT FRIDAY! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! It will be so much easier on her having a routine and her own room and play room. I wouldn't trade her for the world but my desire for 4 children has been shot for the moment.

Her 2nd birthday:

Bailey will be 2 on January 6th. We bought her these 2 little dresses for her birthday (among other things) and I cannot wait for her to wear one of them to her party!!!!

I believe she is having a "pincess" party because you can buy a big princess party kit at wal.mart for 40 dollars! Every time we ask her about her birthday she says, "PINCESS PARTY" Or "DORA PARTY" But you can't get Dora at wal.mart so we're gonna do princess instead. I need to get started on her birthday poem. I wrote this one last year:

For many months we prayed and prayed

And wondered and hoped until she came

The day she was born was the happiest of all

For mommy and daddy, we were in awe

And through the months we’ve laughed and played

And thanked God every SINGLE day

For our blessing from above

We never knew there was such love

And now our baby crawls and grooves

It’s oh so fun to watch her moves

A tiny baby, she is no more

The toddler years we are in for

Our little one is the most precious thing

And happiness she will always bring

So, please join us at her party so fun

For Bailey Grace is turning ONE!!

And this was her invite:
This year, she will probably just have a normal invite, but I will put the poem on the inside. I can't wait to show all of you the pictures of her party and our new house!

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Just Another Infertile Mother said...

I remember her first b-day invite from your post last year. I can't believe that was a year ago already. Happy early b-day to her.

So the whole going to bed routine doesn't get easier? I guess it just changes huh? I do the same thing and wonder if I'm cut out for it. Motherhood really is the hardest job ever. Congratulations on doing it for two years.