Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Time for School... Almost

We've spent the last 2 days working on my classroom. (Pictures coming soon). Anyway, it's been a HARD task. We got all new literature books this year and each teacher was allowed one novel per literature book. Although that is OOBER exciting, unloading all of the boxes was quite hard. Thank you to my AWESOME, WONDERFUL, LOVING husband (who also had to change a flat tire as we were leaving the school today) for helping me unload all of them! My back is KILLING me and my feet hurt but, my classroom is beautiful! Zach helped me move my desk around and my computer to a new wall. (I don't like people just coming to my desk and seeing all of my e-mails so we moved the computer around so that it's not visible to any of my "nosy" students). I met several of my kiddos today. Since I teach at an 8th grade center it's fun to see the kids coming in because they think they are HOT STUFF now that they are in 8th grade. I love my job! I'm actually starting to get excited about school starting.

Zach, I love you! Thank you for ALL of your help!

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