Monday, August 18, 2008

I love 8th graders!

Well, I have officially been in school for 3 days now. This is my 3rd year teaching 8th grade and I love it! My kids are great (though we are still in the "honeymoon" period).

Bailey has been staying with grandma while Zach and I are at work. She loves her so much that she even started crying for her when I put her in her carseat this afternoon. Sometimes, it's hard to let your parents or you in-laws care for and love your child because you are afraid that they will love them more than they love you but... I have been SO blessed to have Zach's mom keeping Bailey and I am SO thankful that Bailey loves her so much. It is a HUGE blessing that I NEVER have to worry about her safety, or well-being. She is being taken care of and I'm so thankful for that.

Bailey is trying to crawl!!!! YEAH Finally!! I'm glad she is learning b/c she will be so excited when she can go places on her own. Anyway, I'll post more about school soon. I'm tired today.

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Jessica said...

How was school this week? I'm tired, but making it! : )

How are the kids? I seem to have a good bunch. My principal has already been in to watch me teach three times in one week! Woa! Ha, ha!