Thursday, May 17, 2012

Being a girl mama

Is pretty much the best thing EVER!
Yesterday, I took the girls to the splash pad.  Adi had to stay in her stroller with a towel over her.  I wet a onesie to keep her cool.  I didn't put it on her!  I just used it to wipe her face, hands, and feet.  She was so happy the whole time.  I am extremely grateful for that.  Monday she got VERY sick.  If she was awake, she was screaming.  I took her to the doctor on Tuesday and found out she has a pretty nasty ear infection.  She was also terribly constipated despite all of the karo syrup and juice.  FINALLY, Wednesday morning, she filled 2 diapers... oh how we love when our babies poop as mamas of infants. :)  By last night, she was pretty much back to her happy smiling self.  She's now had 5 doses of antibiotics and it really seems to be helping.

Bailey is a challenge these days but she is OH SO SWEET when she wants to be.  She absolutely ADORES Adilyn and is such a good big sister.  Of course, I didn't take the camera to the splash pad yesterday, but there will be MANY more opportunities to go this summer.

Yesterday, I was bored and decided to look at Halloween costumes for the girls.  If I can find something inexpensive enough, I think Bailey will be Doc McStuffins and Adilyn will be Lambie.  If you haven't seen this cartoon, it's just adorable and Bailey's new favorite.  I am NOT a fan of Halloween but now that I have 2 girls I want to dress them alike or "themed" :).

OK, here is a collage of what I looked like before I got pregnant with Adi, and the pictures in green are from a couple weekends ago. 

We have 3 days of school left and I CANNOT wait. 
I hope you all have a great summer. 

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