Monday, November 2, 2009

The Morning Called Monday

Twas the morning called Monday
And through the commune
Not a person was stirring,
Except Bailey boo

“Milky”, she said
I pretended not to hear.
“MILKY, MILKY” she cried.
So I got off my rear.

She drank her milk
So silently and still
She’ll go back to sleep
I’m sure of it, I feel

But as soon as she finished
What did I hear?
“Wordy, Wordy, Wordy”
Right up in my ear.

“Daddy Tooted” she said
“No dear that was a snore
Now go back to sleep
We don’t get up at 4!”

Then fast as lighting
I felt her on my back
“You weady Mommy”
Hop, hop, then crack.

She hopped on my back
Then fell to the bed
I giggled at this
“Go back to sleep,” I said.

“More Milky” she asked
“No, No, not more”
“Milky”, she cried
And I walked out the door.

With milk in hand,
She played with my ear
My angel went to sleep
My sweet little dear.

By this time,
It was 5:38
I must get up!
I can’t be late.

Most mornings are like this
I cannot deny
But I cannot ignore her
Even when I try

I turned back around
And looked at her face
How could we not adore her?
Our sweet Bailey Grace.


Kami said...

That was awesome! Y9ou are very good at that.

Love it!


Penny1215 said... cute!!

Ashley said...

So cute!

Jessica said...

This is so cute!! Great job!! :-)

Just Another Infertile Mother said...

Great post!

It would have taken me forever to write something like that.