Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Break Has (almost) Arrived!!!!

We spent the weekend in Arkansas with my family. My mom said they would buy Bailey a coat as part of her Christmas present since we currently reside in ONE bedroom and don't have a lot of space. This is the coat we picked out and Bailey ABSOLUTELY LOVES it! And, since my VERY favorite color is green, I LOOOOOOOOOVE it too :).
You can't tell from the picture but it has little bows on the sleeves and a bow in the back. She looks like a little eskimo in it. I'll have to post pictures of her in it soon!

As the title says: "Fall Break is (Almost) Here!" I am SO excited for fall break! In Arkansas, we didn't get fall break. We plan to spend Wednesday with our realtor looking at houses. We don't plan to buy yet but we want to see what's out there. The plan is to take Bailey to the pumpkin patch on Thursday or Friday. I'm sure she will look SO much more grown up than she did last year. I can't wait to get new pumpkin patch pictures of her!

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Ashley said...

So cute!! Enjoy your break..we don't get one either. Just Thanksgiving break;)