Saturday, June 14, 2008


Ok, First, I would like to say that I wish I could enjoy my summer break. I have still been SO busy that I never sit down to relax. Zach told me that I need to rest but honestly, taking care of a baby is NO less work than teaching all day. Also, I had my "ever-so-fun" yearly check Wednesday. Apparently I have a lump that needs to be looked at. I'm not too worried about it but it's just one more thing that has to be done. The nurse called back yesterday and said that my pap was irregular too. GEEZ can't a girl get some good news! Anyway, they called me in some medicine and I should be fine in a week. Luckily, though we are NOT pregnant again much to my mothers-in-law dismay! I guess that is the good news I need. Bailey learned some new "tricks" this week. She can now reach for you and she has almost rolled from tummy to back. Yes, she can roll over but not from tummy to back yet. It's hard when you are as chunky as she is! My mom told me today that the day before my first birthday I was 29.5 inches long and weighed 23.2 pounds. So, I don't feel too bad about "little" B since she is already 27 inches and weighs 22 pounds. She's doing a lot better on our new schedule. I have her down to only 3 bottles per day (4 oz each) and then 12 oz throughout the night. She LOOOOOVES peaches so she is content to eat her baby food during the day. I always make her eat veggies first but she's always excited to have her fruits next. I guess that's all for now. Talk with you all soon.

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